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BajaBoard's patent pending design is a true re-imagination of what a board could be in functionality and style. Motorizing a board was the easy part - maintaining and adding to the rider's experience is BajaBoard's defining difference.
With the standard model having 12kW of power and weighing around 33lbs (15kg), BajaBoard can be used for commuting and action sports alike. Want a little more than just riding to your destination? Well, now you can throw in some drifts, jumps and grinds along the way.
Get ready to take your riding experience to the next level.

Baja Board

All Terrain



· Independent setup
· Spring & shock absorbers
· Smart dynamic shock absorption
· Pre-compressible
· Light weight structure
· Smoother handling and superior rideability
· Designed to handle jumps!

Steering & DWA

· Agile steering system
· Controlled conventionally by leaning
· Independent & adjustable wheel steer rate
· Reduced bump steer
· Dynamic Wheel Alignment (DWA) - patent pending design that alters wheel alignments between straight runs and turns; for improved handling at high speeds, and superior drifting in corners.


· 12kW of power, one motor per wheel
· Top speed of standard model 31mi/h (50km/h)
· Electronic differential for improved traction
· Wireless hand held controller
· Dual throttle control (front/rear), change between 4WD and 2WD on the run!

Simply Fun

Why stop there? On top of everything else, we are also planning on giving the BajaBoard grind plate, and multi-directionality.
Until the hover board gets here, the BajaBoard will be the most fun and excitement you can handle standing over 4 wheels.
So, whether you want to ride it to the shops or ride it like a maniac, get excited and get ready!


James Murphy

The creator of the BajaBoard, and one of two business co-founders. From a very young age, James had always been actively involved in longboarding, snowboarding and RC racing. Prior to BajaBoard, James had worked in the robotics, construction and agricultural industries as a professional designer. When not working or riding, James can usually be found in his garage tinkering away.

George Li

George is the co-founder of BajaBoard, and a skateboarder in his younger years. Prior to starting BajaBoard with James, George worked in project management and business development across the energy, construction and manufacturing industries. Outside of work, George enjoys tinkering with his motorcycle and running muddy obstacle courses.

Mar Azuaga

Mar is the Media & Communications Manager of BajaBoard. She is a telecommunications engineer, and a marketing and communications professional that has worked with active sports and lifestyle brands. She loves filmmaking, photography and design, and enjoys spending her free time mountain biking, snowboarding and surfing.