BajaBoard G4X is the king of all-terrain e-boards, and the muscle of the BajaBoard family.

This is not just "big tires on skateboard" like everything else on the market. The G4X is designed from the ground up as an off-road buggy - you just happen to be standing on it.

Not only is the power output massive, the incredible traction provided by four driving wheels will plow you through tall grass, mud and sand. And with on-board traction control and electronic differential, you are always in control.

This is not a toy.

Every board comes with hand controller and battery charger.

Top Speed:



30km (depends on weight & terrain)

Hill Climb:

45% grade

Max Payload:



4 x 63mm brushless motors, one per wheel


Belt drive


All wheels regenerative braking

Battery Pack:

900Wh Li-ion

Recharge Time:


Hand Controller:

Wireless 2.4GHz with encryption


Optional headlight & brake light

Suspension System:

Alloy independent double-wishbone

Shock Absorbers:

60mm travel, adjustable pre-load & rebound


Pneumatic 254mm diameter

Overall dimension:

1250mm x 495mm x 280mm

Why not trick out your ride with some extra bling? Every BajaBoard can be upgraded with:

  • Alloy rims (standard is glass reinforced nylon)
  • Alloy hand controller casing (standard is glass reinforced nylon)
  • Carbon fiber shock absorber mounting towers (standard is aluminium)
  • Titanium race spec fasteners (standard is steel)
  • Full custom colors

You can select the upgrades you want and view their prices on the order page.

What do people think?

Love it!!!

"I love it! Beautiful"

— Fulvio

Road Riding

“I've been on the road a few times and absolutely love the board"

— David (please check the road rules of the country you're in)

Moves with you

“This is only my second day on it. This board is a beast. It's amazingly fun in the grass in Golden Gate Park. It really moves with your body much as a snowboard does."

— Harvey

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