Your ticket to adventure

The G4X is one serious board. We doubt you'll find much you can't handle with this beast. It's the most powerful electric skateboard out there, designed to take you where you want to go. Our board features four independent motors, and a fully sophisticated suspension system. This thing is in a league of its own. Where will you ride?

Precision Control

Control your ride the way you want. You've got burnout mode and drift mode so you can show off to your mates. String some tricks together and capture some great content.

Read all about how you can control your ride on our controller page.

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Spice up your ride with:

Aluminium rims
Aluminium hand controller
Carbon fibre shock towers
Titanium finishing

Full custom colours


Next level all-terrain

“These boards are next level All Terrain Fun - the power over all manner of terrain with the suspension and the board feel all combine for a hell of a fun board. Like a dirt bike and a longboard got together and 9 months later this was born - the grass slides were awesome.”

— Michael

Nothing it can't handle

“I actually found I can do terrain on this I wouldn't do on a mountain bike… really impressed that I've yet to find something this board cannot handle!”

— Steven

Gorgeous engineering

“This gets you a lot of power and some gorgeous engineering"

— Doug

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