Responsive Trigger Control

The BajaBoard is built for fast paced action. Yes, there is still cruise for the Sunday drivers, but when it comes to getting that fraction of a second off your lap time, you'll be on and off the throttle like a rally car driver. Remember the cornering rule: slow in, fast out!

Customise Your Experience

You can adjust numerous settings for both the board and the controller. There are basic functions like limiting speed and acceleration, but you can also adjust everything from braking strength, to traction, and brightness of your lights. There's cruise mode for the lazy rides, a parking brake when you want to leave the board on a hill, burnout mode so you can show off to your mates, and drift mode for pulling out donuts.

Vibration Warning

You probably won't be looking at the display while you ride, so we made the controller vibrate - just like your phone does - when the battery gets low or your going too fast. It might also vibrate when certain functions like drift mode or burnout mode active.

Real Time Display

Get all the information you need, when you need it! The LCD screen provides real time information on your speed, battery status, throttle percentage, signal strength and more. It has a built in odometer, just like your car, and gives you the distance you've been riding. We over the whole world too, so you can choose either metric or imperial units.