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Custom Side Vinyl Decal
from 35.00

Spice up your board with some custom vinyl decal. These are positioned on both sides of the board, as pictured.

Each print is sized 279 x 76mm. You can provide the design, or we can do it for you.

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Carbon Fiber Shock Absorber Mounting Towers

On a standard G4 or G4X, shock towers are aluminium. Switch it up to carbon fiber for a sexier look.

Shock towers are 'V' shaped plates to which the shock absorbers attach at the top.

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Alloy Rims

Add some extra shine to your ride with a set of alloy rims. They are CNC machined from 6061 grade aluminium alloy and black anodized.

Price includes 4 rims, plus you still receive our standard wheels as a spare set.

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Machined Alloy Controller Casing

Fancy a weightier hand controller?

Upgrade from the standard light weight GRP casing to this CNC machined casing.

You can crack nuts with this.

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Titanium Fastener Set

Upgrade all exterior screws from Steel to Titanium. This include:

  • Deck screws
  • Motor mounting screws
  • Steering arm & upright screws
  • Shock absorber mounting screws
  • Wheel nuts
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Custom Color Scheme

Have a certain color scheme in mind that isn't all black? Want a hot pink chassis? We can sandblast every part and re-powdercoat them to any color you wish.

NOTE:  Due to the variety of color combinations possible, custom schemes are quoted on a board by board basis. Simply place your order with "Custom Color Scheme" added.  We will contact you via email to discuss your desired color scheme. We will then provide a rendered preview, and confirm the actual price.

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