The following form is for registering the information of potential BajaBoard distributors, dealers and affiliates.

We will review your suitability as a partner to BajaBoard, and will do our best to respond within two business days.

It should be noted that whilst we do stock some boards, these are mainly for B2C sales. Boards for distributors / dealers are typically made to order. Lead times can vary from 8-12 weeks depending on quantity, excluding shipping.

We can organize freight by sea or air. We can also offer drop shipping from Australia for one-off boards to North America and most Western European regions.

1. Main Contact Person *
1. Main Contact Person
5. Physical Address
5. Physical Address
If you run a physical store or warehouse, this is compulsory.
6. Contact Number
6. Contact Number
8. Which describes you best? *
Conditions and minimum order quantities apply
List anything that may be relevant, including other electric vehicles, sporting goods, electronics.
11. What can you offer in terms of aftersales technical support? *
Assuming that BajaBoard will provide you with training / instructions.
Let us come back to you with a quote. This is non-committal. You can change later.
If you are ordering the required minimum number of boards, and/or, are able to offer local aftersales support, you don't really need to answer this question. But if you can't, why do you feel we should sell boards through you rather than just direct to the customer?
15. There are rules around disposal of old batteries. Are you willing and able to take responsibility for disposing of your customer's old Li-ion batteries? *