How fast can you go?

Top speed on the G4X is about 37mph, or close to 60kph.  G4 tops out at about 31mph or 50kph.  You can limit the top speed through the controller if you don't fancy going so fast.

How do you slow down?

Simply press the trigger to brake on the hand controller. No need to learn how to foot brake if you've never ridden a skateboard.

Can you coast and can you push with your feet?

BajaBoard can free-roll / coast if you let go of the throttle, so if you are going downhill, you don't need to press any trigger.  The board isn't designed to be pushed by foot.

How does the BajaBoard compare to other e-boards?

Comparing the BajaBoard to other electric boards, is like comparing a full suspension mountain bike to a road bike.  Both serve a particular purpose. Whilst the BajaBoard is designed for full off-road riding, it can easily handle tarmac. Other e-boards are not designed to be taken off-road unless you consider short lawn grass "off-road".

Is the BajaBoard waterproof?

The BajaBoard has been made water resistant, so you can certainly ride on wet surfaces. However, it is not waterproof, so we recommend not riding into deep puddles, or heavy rain. Basically, don't let water wash over your board.

Can I ride the BajaBoard on the beach?

BajaBoard can go on compact sand, but not really soft sand.  However, we are looking at wider tire options so that this may change in the near future.  Just make sure you look after your board after you ride at the beach. Salt isn't very nice to metal!

Can I upgrade?

If you buy a G4, you can upgrade it to a G4X at a later date.  This is a good way to go if you don't have all the money upfront to get top of the line.  When upgrading, we can either send you a kit to upgrade yourself or you can send the board back to us.   There is no soldering required, but you should be at least familiar with hand tools if you are considering doing it yourself.

Is it road legal?

Whether you can ride the BajaBoard on the road will depend on your local laws. In many countries and cities, electric skateboards are not road legal. We advise you to check your local laws before riding it in the streets. BajaBoard takes no responsibility for you riding in an illegal manner.

Are the batteries interchangable?

At the moment, the battery is removable in the same sense that a car battery is removable.  You need to take off the deck, unplug a few things.  We are working on a replaceable battery solution - which will be retro-fittable with existing boards.

How long does it take to charge the board?

It takes approximately 2.5 hours to charge a G4X.