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BajaBoard G4

Forget conventional skate trucks! BajaBoard G4/X throws out the rulebook with its unique buggy-inspired independent suspension. This isn't just about looks, it's about conquering any terrain with unparalleled stability. Unlike skateboards that turn jittery past 30kph, the G4/X cruises smoothly over bumpy gravel, grass, and even potholes at 40kph without breaking a sweat.

Specification G4 G4X Pantera
Motors 2 x 6374 170kV Rear Motors

2 x 6354 Motors Front, 2 x 6374 Motors Rear

4 x 6374 Motors
Motor Controllers 2 x 50A ESC 4 x 50A ESC 4 x 100A ESC
Drive Train Rear Wheel Drive, Belt Drive All Wheel Drive, Belt Drive All Wheel Drive, Belt Drive
Top Speed 50kph [37mph] 60kph [37mph] 60kph [37mph]
Board Weight 21kg [46lb] 25kg [55lb] 27kg [59lb]
Max Payload 150kg [290lb] 150kg [290lb] 150kg [290lb]
Battery Size 1200Wh 1200Wh 1200Wh
Range Up to 50km [31mi] Up to 50km [31mi] Up to 50km [31mi]
Recharge Time ~5hrs from empty ~5hrs from empty ~5hrs from empty
Default Wheel Size 10" Wheels with Alloy Rims 10" Wheels with Alloy Rims 10" Wheels with Alloy Rims

unmistakeably bajaboard

More Off-Road Buggy Than Board

The G4/X boasts tailor-designed "Baja Shocks" with 60mm travel, adjustable like a mountain bike, letting you fine-tune your ride for any adventure. So whether you're carving dirt trails or navigating urban obstacles, the G4/X tackles them all with the nonchalant shrug. Ditch the wobbles and embrace the confidence that comes with riding a beast of off-road engineering.

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Heavy Duty

Conventional skateboards rely on their deck as the main support structure. All BajaBoards are built upon an automotive-style chassis, with the deck only playing a tiny part in the load bearing. This means BajaBoards have incredibly strong alloy framework can support a LOT of weight. The chassis also distributes weight evenly, so you won't have to worry about the board snapping under pressure.

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Towing Capacity

The G4/X's optional tow bar transforms it into a rugged hauler, letting you bring your gear, a friend or even a generator along. The tow bar also doubles as a mount for a spare wheel, or anything else that you can screw onto its mounting thread.

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Uniquely Yours
Pimp Your Ride

Personalize your G4/X to match your unique style and riding preferences. Swap out the standard black grip tape for your own. Choose from a range of colored shock absorber coils to add a pop of personality. And if you're feeling adventurous, BajaBoard even offers custom color options for the chassis and other components.

What comes in the box?

Each BajaBoard ships with:

  • The board itself
  • Remote controller
  • Controller charging USB cable
  • Board charger (compatible with both 110V & 220V)

Still got questions?

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