The following terms are in reference to the pre-order of your BajaBoard G4 or G4X.   By proceeding with a deposit payment, you are acknowledging that you agree to these conditions.

1. What happens after you submit your build

Once you submit your build, our system will generate an order form with your board selection and contact details.  You will receive a confirmation and order invoice for your nominated deposit within 48 hours.  At this time, you are still not obliged to proceed with the order, and may simply let it go without any notice.

2. Specification may vary

Our range, speed and climbing specifications are based on a 70kg rider on compact terrain.  These figures may vary depending on your weight, riding style and terrain type.

3. Production timing

Our 2018/19 model BajaBoard G4's and G4X's are stocked as un-assembled parts, and will require ~2-3 weeks for assembly, testing and packing.   

4. Time for payment

Payment of your nominated deposit must be made within 10 business days. 

If we do not receive a payment from you within 10 business days, it will be treated as a cancellation request, and the invoice (including any special offers attached) will be canceled.  Any special offers available to you at the time of the initial submission may not be valid if you decide to re-order later. 

You can, of course, re-submit your order later. However, your position in the build queue is only secured once we receive your payment. 

5. Payment method

Payment can be made by all major credit cards, or bank transfer. We accept payment in USD, EUR, GBP and AUD.

6. Delivery

Delivery costs shown are estimates for delivery to metropolitan regions.  Should you require delivery to rural area or island destination, additional charges may apply.   

If you wish to know your exact delivery cost, please let us know in the message section of the submission form, and confirm your city / town of delivery.

We reserve the right to deliver your board from any of our warehouses, however, we promise not to charge you any extra fees compared to what you would have paid had we shipped from the closest warehouse to you.

7. Cancellation & refund policy

You may still cancel your order within 24hrs after payment for any reason. We will withold the equivalent of US$50 as processing fee.

To cancel your order and request a refund, simply email with your order number and a short message requesting cancellation.  Refunds will be deposit back to whichever card or account you used in the initial order.  If you wish for the credit to be deposited to a different account, additional fees may apply.  Please allow up to 30 days for refund to arrive back in your account.

For cancellations beyond 24hrs, only 80% of the payment shall be refundable. If you wish to cancel your order after receiving it or when the order is in transit to you, you must first ship the board back to us. If the board is used or damaged, we may provide a proportional refund at our discretion.

8.  Other policies

All other policies are as per our standard store policies.  Where these terms and store policies conflict, these terms shall take precedent.