BajaBoard 2018 Early Bird Pre-order

We are setting up a new production facility to cut down BajaBoard prices!

Pay $279 deposit to lock in the early bird price of $2,799 (excluding taxes).

You only pay remainder once boards are ready for delivery mid-2018.

Complimentary t-shirt with each pre-order.

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Q1.  When will my board be ready?

A1.  Mid-2018.

Q2.  When do I need to pay the remainder?

A2.  You only pay the remainder when your board is ready for shipping. 

Q3.  Why the wait?

A3.  We are investing in new tooling and dedicated production line in 2018.  Getting this set up will take a few months.

Q4.  Your offer seems only to be for G4 (2WD board).  What if I want G4X (4WD)?

A4.  You will have the opportunity to pick between G4 and G4X (as well as other optional extras) prior to making remaining payment.  Your final payment amount will be adjusted accordingly.  The G4X from the new production line will start from $3,999.

Q5.  What if I want a board sooner?

A5.  You can order via our regular online store here. We are still making boards on our current line.

Q6.  How much is shipping?

A6.  Shipping is $100. 

Q7.  What are the differences between mid-year boards and current boards?

A7.  We are only making changes to production methods and efficiency. Overall design and performance are not affected. 

Q8.  What's your refund policy on the $279 deposit?

A8.  You can ask for a refund any time before May.  No questions asked.  You will be charged a $25 processing fee.  After May,  only 50% of your deposit is refundable.