Return Policy

Section A - Merchandise Return

Merchandise refers to BajaBoard branded clothing items and stickers.

You may return merchandise goods within 7 days of delivery - provided that the goods are not damaged and are return in original packaging.  If you are returning an item of clothing due to incorrect size, BajaBoard will exchange for the correct size at no charge. You agree to bear any shipping costs in returning the goods.

For these returns, BajaBoard will provide you with a refund of the paid amount, minus any payment processing fees applied by our service providers.

Section B - Board Cancellation & Return

Order Cancellation:

Unless stated otherwise in a specific promotion, you may request cancellation of an order within 2 days of order placement.  Refund will be provided minus a $50 processing fee.  If you decide to cancel your order beyond 2 days after placement, only 70% of the order value will be refundable on cancellation.

Board Return:

If the board has technical issues, we will gladly address it with you as per our warranty conditions.

We do not accept returns for "change of mind".