The following terms apply to all BajaBoard S2 pre-orders. By proceeding with payment, you are, by your action, agreeing to these terms.

1. What happens after you submit your build

Once you submit your build, we will generate and email you an order invoice within 48hrs. Upon receiving the invoice, you are under no obligation to proceed with payment. If you do not pay within 10 days, your order will be automatically voided along with any applicable discounts, perks or special offers. If you submit a new order later, it will be subject to the pricing and conditions at the time, and we are under no obligation to meet any prior offers made to you.

2. Treat specification as guidance

Our board specification are based on a 70kg rider on compact terrain with properly aligned wheels and well inflated tires. These figures will vary depending on your weight, riding style, terrain type, wheel size, and board setup.

3. Subject to visual change

The BajaBoard S2 may be subject to visual updates (improvements) between your order and final delivery. This will not impact any performance specification. Changes may include addition of logo plate at front of board, addition of cabling protection, slight tweaks in suspension geometry. In essence, any such changes can only be positive. You acknowledge that your final board may differ slightly to what is shown at time of order placement.

4. Lead Time

BajaBoard S2 are expected to ship out starting late September 2019 if your order is placed in July. Later orders will subsequently be shipped out later. Your order date is when you pay for your order, not when you submit your board selection.

5. Payment methods

We accept payment via any major credit card, bank transfer, or Paypal. We do not accept cheques or crypto currency.

6. Shipping

Shipping to metropolitan regions in the USA, Western Europe and Scandinavian areas, is equivalent to US$150.

Shipping to other regions of the world, rural and island destinations may incur higher shipping charges. We reserve the right to adjust shipping costs of your order should your address fall within one of these areas.

If you would like to confirm the exact shipping cost, please email us at, or, include this request in the message section of the order form.

7. Cancellation & Refund

Even after you have paid, you may cancel your order within 24hrs of initial payment for any reason. We will withold the equivalent of US$50 as processing fee plus any applicable bank fees, and the remaining amount will be transferred back to you within 30 days (depending on the payment processor).

To cancel your order and request a refund, simply email with your invoice number and a short message requesting cancellation.

If you decide to cancel after 24hrs of initial payment, we reserve the right withhold up to a maximum of 20% of your payment, depending on state of your order. This also applies if you wish to cancel due to a delay in board production.

Once your board has left our warehouse, cancellations are no longer available.

8. Returns

If the board encounters technical issues, we will gladly address it with you as per our warranty conditions. We will not accept returns unless reasonable endeavours have been first made to resolve the issue.

Should you wish to return the board, you agree to bear the cost of return shipping. If the board has been used, we reserve the right to deduct amounts for wear and tear, and/or for broken parts on the board.

We do not accept returns for "change of mind".

9. Inherent Risks

Riding a motorized skateboard is an activity with inherent and obvious risks. This means that due to the nature of the activity, the situations that you may encounter expose you to the risk of injury (minor and serious), paralysis, or death in the event of an accident. We cannot predict or control how you ride, or, predict or control the exact nature of the consequences of an accident or fall. Any fall or accident can result in serious injury, paralysis or death.

When you order a BajaBoard, you are acknowledging and agreeing that you are aware using this board for its intended purpose is risky, and that you willingly accept these risks.

10. Legality Of Use

Laws governing the use of motorized skateboards or similar vehicles vary from country to country, city to city, district to district. It is your responsibility to check local laws around your area before using the BajaBoard, and to obey those laws. You agree to hold BajaBoard harmless should you break these laws.

11. Other Policies

All other policies are as per our standard store policies. Where these terms and store policies conflict, these terms shall take precedent.