Simply Amazing

"The BajaBoard is simply amazing. Boosted boards can't compare."

— David

You guys really knocked it out of the park with this board. It’s everything I expected and more.
— Pete

"Truly fantastic! Very impressive"

— Brett

Fills a Void

"Coming from a pretty avid snowboarding, surfing and wakeboarding background all I can say is I think that this e-board fills a huge void in the industry that has yet to be filled that a lot of people will gravitate towards."

— Peter

It’s the Tesla of Electric skateboards... nuff said!
— John

Most Fun I've ever had

"Just got my BajaBoard and I have to say it's the most fun I've ever had on a skateboard. Love my Boosted but this thing is in a class by itself. Can handle anything I've thrown at it. And the speed and response are phenomenal! This board is a beast. It's amazingly fun in the grass and dirt in Golden Gate Park. It really moves with your body much as a snowboard does."

— Harvey

Full Stack Suspension

"I'm looking for a board with a snowboard feel, and after some research, I believe that Baja's full stack independent suspension might be exactly what I'm looking for."

— Mike

So cool

"So cool, and much cooler when you actually get to get on it"

— Adrian

Fallen in Love

"BajaBoard is the reason I fell in love with e-mountain boards."

— Trent

It reminds me of a 1/4 scale R/C car with a board attached to it.
— Mark

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