Atrax Battery (without BMS)
Atrax Battery (without BMS)

Atrax Battery (without BMS)

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There are two battery packs associated with the Atrax.  The 907Wh battery is a 10S6P Molicel P42A battery pack.  The 1800Wh battery is a 10S10P Samsung 50E battery pack.  

The 907Wh pack will fit into an Atrax Enduro.  However, the 1800Wh pack will not fit into the Atrax Base or High Octane without certain modifications.  If you are looking to upgrade, please contact us at before ordering this option.

The 907Wh pack is also compatible with the 2020 S2 model.

Please note that we do not keep many excess battery packs in stock.  Most packs we stock are for board orders.  If you are ordering an extra pack with your board, we will make provisions so that everything is able to ship together.  If you are ordering the pack as a standalone purchase, please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

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