Big Adventure, Compact Package
BajaBoard ATRAX

The ATRAX is the most compact board in the BajaBoard family. It is incredibly capable of handling rough terrain thanks to its unique mono-shock suspension system and enclosed gearbox transmission. This is the go-to board for those looking for a combination of commuting and trail-riding.

Specification Atrax Atrax Enduro
Motors 2 x 6374 170kV Brushless DC Motors 2 x 6374 170kV Brushless DC Motors
Motor Controllers 2 x 50A ESC 2 x 50A ESC
Drive Train Rear Wheel Drive, with Herringbone Gearboxes Rear Wheel Drive, with Herringbone Gearboxes
Top Speed 60kph [37mph] 60kph [37mph]
Board Weight 20kg [45lb] 23kg
Max Payload 150kg [290lb] 150kg [290lb]
Battery Size 907Wh 1800Wh
Range Up to 45km [28mi] Up to 100km [60mi]
Recharge Time ~4hrs from empty ~8hrs from empty
Default Wheel Size 10" Wheels with Alloy Rims 8" and 10"


Unique Suspension Tech

The Atrax features a unique monoshock suspension design at both ends of the board.

Monoshock reduces weight and space compared to the twin-shock counterparts. And with a single shock to tune, it's easier for the user to dial-in his/her ride to maximize control and responsiveness.

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Low Noise, High Efficiency
No Belt Changes

Atrax transmits its power via an enclosed gearbox with herringbone gears. The opposing teeth angles cancel out pesky side-thrust forces. This means smoother, quieter operation, less wear and tear, and the freedom to handle hefty loads without needing bulky thrust bearings. Think rock-solid stability for high-torque applications

Not Just in theory
Realistic Range

Whether you are after a board that can do 45km or 100km, know that our range specs are not just a bunch of theoretical numbers based on some ideal condition. We turn on our tracking apps on like everybody else, and go out into the world for real figures.

For full disclosure, we test range in Melbourne, Australia.

Stay In Control

Get real time feedback on your ride with our wireless controller. It also lets you adjust:

  • Power / Speed [10-100%]
  • Braking Strength [10-100%]
  • Launch Control [1-9]
  • Headlights / Brakelights (optional)
  • Cruise Control
  • Various Rider Warnings

Ride Responsibly

It's a powerful E-board for sure. So before you hand it over to your kid or your beginner friend, tone it down a notch.

Our Parental Lock system ensures that they cannot stray outside of safe boundary whether intentionally or by accident.

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What comes in the box?

Each BajaBoard ships with:

  • The board itself
  • Remote controller
  • Controller charging USB cable
  • Board charger (compatible with both 110V & 220V)
  • Manual

Still got questions?

Choosing the right board is important. We’re here to help you. If you still have queries or would like to discuss customization, please use the form below. We will respond within 24hrs.

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