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BajaBoard is the pioneer of suspension technology for electric skateboards.

Starting back in 2014 in our home garages, we prototyped a number of designs prior to unleashing the G3 onto the market. 


The BajaBoard G3 was the first E-board to feature independent suspension system.  And whilst it left plenty of room for improvement, it allowed us to gain valuable feedback from early adopters. And over the next couple of years, the G3 was modified based on this feedback, and it eventually became the G4/G4X range.

After G4/G4X was established, we wanted to create something smaller and lighter.  In 2020, we unveiled our new Formula One inspired mono-shock suspension design on the S2.  This has now grew into the Atrax, our best selling range.

There are brands on the market which not only derive heavily from our G4/G4X design, but also claim our 'origin story' as their own.  Whilst imitation is the greatest form of flattery, we would still like to keep the record straight. 

Check out the media links below for some independent articles about BajaBoard since our founding in 2014. 



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