For some riders, it may just come down to range or power when they pick their board.  If this is you, then it's pretty simple.  The Atrax Enduro has the best range by far of any of our models.  And if you are after power, then check out the G4x or Pantera.

But apart from range and power, they may be some other relevant factors you may wish to consider when deciding which model is right for you.  We list a few pointers below that we frequently discuss with customers.

  1. Where do you ride, where do you live? If you are an apartment dweller who ride mostly in built up areas, then the Atrax would be better as it's a smaller, lighter board.  Less of a hassle to get up and down stairs, and easier to store.  Then of course, you can decide on which exact Atrax based on your range and power requirements.  On the other hand, if you live rurally and have plenty of room, then the G4/X may be more suitable to your needs.

  2. How tall are you?  If you are quite tall, let's say over 6'5", then the G4, G4X may be more suitable.  They have a longer deck, and can offer you a wider stance.  This can provide better stability during if you like to ride aggressively.

  3. Do you want to tow anything? One thing that the G4/X has which the Atrax does not yet have is an optional tow bar.  This means you can tow another person, fishing gear, a generator, etc, with you on a ride. Does that matter to you?

  4. If you are starting with a 2WD, do you want to upgrade to 4WD later? Maybe you just started e-skating, and are not sure if you want or need a 4WD board.  If this this case, you can start on a G4.  The G4 is the only board in our range that can be upgraded into the 4WD G4X later.