Your BajaBoard is covered by a one (1) year conditional warranty. Warranty period starts on the date of your board is delivered as advised by the relevant carrier tracking advice, or when you pick it up.


The following items are excluded from warranty:

  • Damage sustained during shipping – we do offer shipping insurance if you wish to mitigate this risk.
  • Electronic damage caused by water ingress into the board. BajaBoard is not waterproof.
  • Removal or tampering of warranty stickers and water damage sticker
  • Damage caused by accidents or collisions
  • Unauthorized modification or repairs (see “Exclusions Relating to Self-Repair)
  • Taking the board beyond its limitations
  • General wear and tear such as scratches and dents sustained in the general course of riding


Putting rider error aside, any kind of extreme riding will put a lot of stress on the BajaBoard. Whilst the BajaBoard is built tough, it is impossible to guarantee it will survive n’th number of jumps. There is no industry standard for jumps, and the many circumstances surrounding a jump are unique. These include (but not limited to) speed, height, landing angle, presence of any ramps (natural or man-made), ride technique, rider weight, mid-air rotation, terrain and obstacles around landing the area. The judgement, or the lack thereof, of a rider also cannot be predicted. A bad landing could lead to a crash which could in turn damage the board. As such, damaged caused to the board from jumping is excluded from warranty.

Specific Component Exclusions

The following components are considered consumables and are excluded from warranty:

  • Wheels and tires
  • Drive shaft pin covers
  • Rubber covering / boots for drive shafts
  • Belts

Conditional Warranty Of Constant Velocity Drive Shaft

CV joints on the BajaBoard require maintenance to be kept in good working condition.

You must ensure that a CV boot is protecting the joint at all times, and the CV joint is kept greased. If the CV boot is torn or missing, you must replace it prior to riding. Operating the board without CV boot will cause dirt, and other debris to build up inside the CV joint, causing damage. Damage to the CV joint in this fashion is easily identifiable and is not covered under warranty.


BajaBoard will provide a replacement battery or battery charger if you prove that:

  • The battery pack cannot be charged or discharged within the warranty period (unless it is just cables coming loose, or wrong charger use)
  • There is chemical leakage
  • Capacity is less than 75% of rated capacity in the first year.

The following are excluded from warranty:

  • Unauthorized dismantling, modification, conversion of the battery pack
  • Minor tears or scratches on the BMS or outer layer of the battery pack skin
  • Damage caused by accident(s) or collision(s)
  • Using a charger not approved by us
  • Not using the battery in accordance with storage and operation instructions (to be provided in manual with purchase)


Whilst the BajaBoard is designed for all-terrain, there are naturally limitations. For one, the BajaBoard cannot be ridden in water, or submerged in water.

The BajaBoard is not suitable for very soft terrain, as the board may sink in. This includes soft mud, soft sand, powder snow (unless these are just a shallow layer on top of a more compact surface). If your board does get stuck in any terrain, do not force it to go, as it could overload the motors. Get off and move the board to a firmer surface.

The BajaBoard is limited by its ride height as to the type of debris or obstacles the board can be ridden over - riding over excessively large obstacles may and most likely will damage the underside of the board, and this is not covered under warranty.

The BajaBoard is limited by operating temperature. The battery is designed to cut power if it exceeds 70DegC. The motors are designed to cut power if they exceed 125DegC.  Once power is cut for one of these reasons, allow the board at least 20min to cool down before riding again. Riding immediately after a power cut will result in the battery/motor quickly overheating again. If they are constantly kept near power cut temperature level, not only is it higher risk for the rider, they can also sustain permanent damage.


If something goes wrong on your board, please contact us at support@bajaboard.com.au first before attempting to repair it yourself. A minor issue can needlessly become a major issue if addressed incorrectly.

Please note that performing self-repairs with our instruction will NOT void your warranty. However, performing self-repairs without letting us know first, may void warranty.


If any issue occurs, you must cooperate with BajaBoard in good faith and first attempt to identify and fix any problem with BajaBoard instruction. Such instruction may be provided in person, via email, via phone or via video conference. If a problem is fixed this way, the warranty claim is considered settled.

When requested, you must provide BajaBoard with photos, videos or any other forms of evidence for assessment of warranty claims. BajaBoard cannot validate any warranty claims or provide replacement parts unless you have cooperated as per above.


For damaged parts claimed under warranty, BajaBoard require the original part to be returned. BajaBoard is not obliged to replace a part until it has received the original part.

Alternatively, you may elect to pay a security deposit equivalent to the amount of the part (as new). BajaBoard will then send you the replacement part first, and upon receiving your damaged part, the security deposit will be refunded.

We will send replacement parts via economy shipping at our own cost. As reference, shipping this way between USA and Australia usually takes 7-8 working days. If you prefer express shipping, you agree to pay the difference in shipping costs.

You are responsible for bearing return shipping costs. You may use a carrier of your own choosing.