S2 Maintenance & Setup


You will likely use the BajaBoard in much rougher and dirtier environments than your average e-skateboard. Therefore, it needs a bit of love and care to be kept in good running order.
1. KEEP IT CLEAN - The board doesn’t need to be completely spotless, but if you leave it caked in dirt or mud, particularly the rotating components, it will start squeaking pretty soon. Compressed air is useful for cleaning, but since it’s not in every household, get a cloth and wipe it down after a dirty ride; put some cloth over the tip of a screwdriver to get into the narrow places.
2. USE THREADLOCKER - If you ever disassemble parts of the board, remember to apply threadlocker to the screws when re-assembling. Otherwise things will shake loose. You should be able to find Loctite or equivalent threadlocker in most hardware stores.
3. DON’T ABUSE THE BOARD - The BajaBoard will go over a lot more things than your typical e-skateboard, but there is obviously a limit. If you encounter obstacles taller than the ride height, don’t just ram into them. Even offroad competition cars will break if you grind them over large rocks or run them into trees.
4. ASK US BEFORE YOU START MODDING - We started life as a DIY, so we can appreciate people’s desire to modify their boards. Before you start drilling or cutting, just email us and let us know what you are thinking of doing. It’s a lot harder for us to help you after you’ve done the changes and found out that the motors don’t turn any more.
5. EXPECT TO SPEND TIME WITH YOUR BOARD - Know that you will spend more time with the BajaBoard than a typical e-skateboard. It’s not a board that you can ride and forget after an offroad trip. This can be both a positive and a negative depending on who you are. If you’ve never touched hand tools in your life, this could be bit of a learning experience.

S2 Instructional videos