If you are looking for technical specification related information about the board, please refer to the “About Our Boards” section.  This page includes some of frequently asked questions that is not about how fast or how far the board can go.

Can you ship to my country?

The best reference for this is the Fedex Dangerous Goods page.  Link here. Since our boards contain Li-ion battery, they are considered dangerous goods for shipping purposes.  On the linked Fedex page, if "Dangerous Goods Delivery" is a YES, then we can deliver to you.  If it's a "NO", then please contact us to discuss.  It's not that it's impossible, but it may just cost extra for us to find a specialist carrier that will take the board.

What comes in the actual board order shipment?

The board, wheels, hand controller, manual, charger, a complimentary 100ml bottle of threadlock, and whatever spare parts you may have ordered.  For G4, G4X or Pantera customers, we also include a couple of complimentary belts and CV pin caps.

At times, we may ship the board, battery and/or wheels separately.  This is to reduce customer wait time.  For example, sometimes we may experience a shortage in wheel stock between production runs. Instead of waiting for new wheels to be shipped to our workshop before sending out a board, we may send the board first, and the wheels directly from the factory to the customer.  This cuts down on wait times.  Of course, if we do make separate shipments, any additional shipping cost is covered by us. 

Is there any setup I need to do after receiving the board?

Yes, you need to install the wheels.  If you ordered a G4, G4X or Pantera, you may need to install the battery (instruction will be provided).  Lastly, you will need to align the wheels properly for your weight.

Is the BajaBoard waterproof?

The BajaBoard is water resistant, but not waterproof.  You can ride over wet surfaces and in light rain.  But if you drop it into a lake or spray water directly at it with a hose, you will get in trouble.

Can I ride the BajaBoard on the beach?

BajaBoard can go on compact sand, but not really soft sand. It also comes down to how much you weigh.  If you are 60-70kg, then the board should have a pretty easy time at the beach.  But if you are 130kg, then I'm afraid, you will bog.  For reference, check out this demo video of a rider on the beach.

Can I upgrade?

If you buy a G4, you can upgrade it to G4X later with a kit.  If you buy a 2020 S2, you can upgrade to an Atrax later with a kit.  Please note that unless you are in Australia, you will probably have to do the upgrade installation yourself.  There is no soldering or welding required, but you should be at least familiar with hand tools like allen keys and wrenches.

Is it road legal?

Whether you can ride the BajaBoard on the road will depend on your local laws. In many countries and cities, electric skateboards are not road legal. We advise you to check your local laws before riding it in the streets. BajaBoard takes no responsibility for you riding in an illegal manner.

Are the batteries interchangable?

For the G4, G4X and Pantera, it’s simple enough to change battery.  You just unscrew the deck, and deal with a couple of XT-90 connectors.  So if you got an extra battery, you could in theory swap packs on the go.  For Atrax, things get a little more complicated.  We do not recommend swapping Atrax battery on the go.

Can you make my board go faster / go further?

If it’s anything related to modifying the electronics of the board, the answer is no. 

When we put out a certain set of specs for a board, we have been testing that for months and months – and even then, there can still be issues.  If we are to build a board with, for example, custom electronics just for you, there is no way we can guarantee it will perform well.

As such, the only customization we offer is visual.  It makes no difference to board performance or reliability if you get the wheels in a different color.

If you do want to do a DIY build, we are actually willing to sell the board’s mechanical chassis with no electrical or electronic components.  Then you can fit out the internals at your own risk.