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The BajaBoard G4X is the powerhouse of the BajaBoard family. As the flagship model launched in 2014,  the G4X has been tweaked through years of customer feedback.  Its 4WD system is capable of handling the roughest of terrains, and is capable of accelerating from 0 to 50kph in around 3 seconds.

 If you want a workhorse that will get you places off-road, then the G4X is it. It can also be fitted with a tow bar, so that you can take along a trailer full of gear (or a friend).

For casual cruising, the front motors can be switched off.  And they can be switched on remotely the moment you hit a rough patch.

G4X has in-built TRACTION CONTROL and ELECTRONIC DIFFERENTIAL. It's also no slouch when it comes to range - with a 180-190lbs rider, the G4X is capable of reaching around 50km (31mi) on a single charge. 

    You may purchase the G4X without battery and make or source your own. Please note that the battery needs the following specification:

    • 10S [42V]
    • Continuous discharge rating of at least 150A.
    • 2 x XT90 female power plugs
    • If placing battery within board, maximum space available is 430mm x 90mm x 85mm.  If placing above deck, then sizing is flexible.

    Free Shipping to North America / UK / EU.

        Specification G4 G4X Pantera
        Motors 2 x 6374 170kV Rear Motors

        2 x 6354 Motors Front, 2 x 6374 Motors Rear

        4 x 6374 Motors
        Motor Controllers 2 x 50A ESC 4 x 50A ESC 4 x 100ESC
        Drive Train Rear Wheel Drive, Belt / Pulley Transmission All Wheel Drive, Belt / Pulley Transmission All Wheel Drive, Belt / Pulley Transmission
        Top Speed 50kph [37mph] 60kph [37mph] 60kph [37mph]
        Board Weight 20kg [45lb] 25kg [55lb] 27kg [59lb]
        Max Payload 150kg [290lb] 150kg [290lb] 150kg [290lb]
        Battery Size 1200Wh 1200Wh 1200Wh
        Range Up to 50km [31mi] Up to 50km [31mi] Up to 50km [31mi]
        Recharge Time ~5hrs from empty ~5hrs from empty ~5hrs from empty
        Default Wheel Size 10" Wheels with Alloy Rims 10" Wheels with Alloy Rims 10" Wheels with Alloy Rims

        Board Shipping

        Within Australia, we use TNT Domestic or Startrack for board deliveries. Transit typically take 2-3 days for metro SA, NSW, ACT and QLD.  This can be extended to 3-5 days for metro WA, NT or some rural regions.

        Australian shipping is free across all of our boards.

        For international shipping, depending on the destination, we may use specialist dangerous goods forwarders (on account of the battery), or sometimes we may be able to ship directly with Fedex.  For some locations, we may elect to send battery separately to the board to make import easier or to save time. International transit typically takes 1-2 weeks, but can take longer depending on customs.

        Board shipping to North America, UK, EU is FREE.  Please note that this does not include any applicable import charges.

        Parts & Accessories Shipping

        Within Australia, we use Auspost or Sendle for smaller deliveries.  Sendle is typically used for metro regions, and Auspost is used for more rural regions. Transit time with Sendle is typically 1-2 days.  With Auspost it can be up to 2-5 days since it is usually to rural locations.

        Australian shipping is free for all parts.

        For international parts shipping, we can use either Auspost or DHL.  For smaller parcels, Auspost is usually the cheaper option, but transit can take up to 2-3 weeks.  DHL is much quicker, with transit times of 4-5 days for major US and European cities.  You will have the option to select shipping method at checkout.

        Shipping times may differ if item contains battery.


        The board

        Remote controller

        Board charger (suitable for 110V & 220V)

        Remote controller charging USB cable

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