Fastener Set

Fastener Set

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The fastener set is your one stop shop to get all the fasteners needed for your BajaBoard.

Depending on your board model, the relevant fastener will differ.  So please carefully select your board model when ordering.  Please treat image as nominal reference only.

To summarize, the fastener set includes:

  • All standard screws on the deck, such as deck screws, mounting screws for motors or gearboxes
  • All custom bolts and spacers, such as sex bolts for securing steering knuckles
  • Custom adjustor screws for turn springs / dampers
  • All relevant tie-rod ends
  • 4 x wheel nuts
  • CV pin caps (for the relevant models only)
  • Decorative washers (please select your color when ordering)
  • Bronze bushings used in suspension arm joints

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