The BajaBoard G4 range of boards consist of the G4, G4X and Pantera. These models are grouped together because they are all built upon the same chassis (which we call the G4 chassis).  The key differences between the models are from their electrical and electronic setup.  For detailed specs on each of the model, please refer to the product page.


The BajaBoard does not have a skate truck.  Its main feature is its unique independent suspension system, inspired by off-road buggies.  In fact, riding a G4/X is more akin to standing atop a buggy, instead of a skateboard or longboard.

In addition to simply looking cool, the practical benefit of the suspension system is that it offers the G4/X an incredibly stable ride over all types of surfaces.  A conventional skateboard will start to feel pretty sketchy at around 30kph for the average rider.  For the BajaBoard, it's just business as usual. 

We started off using mountain bike shock absorbers, but since 2019, we have designed our very own Baja Shock.  It offers up to 60mm of travel.  Like in a mountain bike, you can tune the pre-load and the rebound rate of the shock absorber to fine tune the board handling.

The G4/X floats over bumpy gravel, grass or dirt.  And whilst you can say it's overkill for tarmac, don't forget that most streets are littered with rubbish, general debris and even pot holes.  At speeds upwards of 40kph, the G4/X can run over a crack in the street or a tree root sticking out from the ground with nothing more than a gentle shrug.  Don't try that on a conventional E-skate.


All boards in the G4 range are fitted with 10" x 2" pneumatic wheels.  In 2022, all wheels will by default come with alloy rims.  Plastic rims are still available, however, we recommend only using these as temporaries or spares.

One question we frequently get asked is "why don't you use hub motors"? There are a number of reasons.

  1. Lighter wheels provide better handling. This is why people pay tens of thousands of dollars for lighter wheels in performance cars. It would actually be significantly cheaper for us to put in hub motors, compared with having an entire drive train with CV drive shafts - but we are about providing the best performance and handling.
  2. Hub motors just don't provide enough torque for the performance we want from the board.  We want the G4X to be capable of going up a 40% grade incline from a standing start, not a board you have to push start.  A planetary gear hub motor may help somewhat here, but it's a big chunk of wheel weight, which reverts back to our first point.
  3. Motors are critical and expensive parts in the board. We want to keep them as 'sprung mass', so that any bumps from the terrain is not directly impacted upon them.  Hub motors would count as 'unsprung mass'.  Your wheel hits a rock - guess what? That's a hit on the motor as well.  Maybe not as big of a deal for a street board, but off-road, we want the shock absorbers to absorb the shock, not the motors. 
Don't get us wrong, we are not hating on hub motors.  It's just that they are not suitable for our particular design goals.


    The battery is the life blood of any electric skateboard. In 2022, we have 2 batteries for the G4 range.  One is a 907Wh pack (10S6P Molicel P42A), this is the default pack in the G4 and G4X.  The other is a 1209Wh pack (10S8P Molicel P42A), this is the default pack for the Pantera.

    For a range boost, you can actually upgrade the battery in G4 and G4X to the 1209Wh pack.  This option is available on the order page.


    Range is a variable number.  It changes depending on rider weight, riding aggressiveness, terrain, slopes, wheel alignment, and even temperature. 

    Our specification numbers are based on a 75kg (165lbs) rider, riding on mostly compact park or bike trails, with occasional stop-starts.  Like how most people may ride from home to work. Tests are typically carried out at 20-25C (68-77F) temperatures.

    From this, we can achieve around 42km (26mi) on a 907Wh pack, and 53km (33mi) on a 1209Wh pack.

    If you weigh much more than 75kg, if you are riding in near freezing temperatures, or if you are constantly riding through high resistance terrain, then you can expect deviations.  It's just physics.


    All boards in the G4 range are belt driven. We use HTD timing belts with kevlar reinforcement. Belt drives can be protected from underside impact by installing a bash-plate.  Bash-plate is optional for the G4 and G4X, but is included with the Pantera by default.

    Belt life can vary depending on the model, riding style and riding conditions. Generally speaking, belts last longer if:

    • rider is lighter
    • rider tends to accelerate more gently
    • rider avoids boggy terrain, where board can sink and bottom out.

    G4X and Pantera belts also tend to last longer than G4, simply due to the fact that they have more belts to spread the load over.

    To prolong belt life further, we recommend using belt conditioner spray, which should be widely available at auto stores. 


    The G4 range of boards can all be fitted with an option tow bar.  The tow bar serves two purposes.  The first is the most obvious - hitch a bike trailer to it, and now you can tow a friend, camping gear, or even a generator.  You are only limited by the size and weight limit of the bike trailer.   The tow bar's second purpose is to act as a spare wheel mount as pictured above.  You will not be able to mount the spare wheel if you are hitched up to a trailer (although in that scenario you can easily put the spare wheel in the trailer).


    A standard G4 board comes with mostly black mechanical parts, with the option to choose between red, blue or green coils for the shock absorber.  The deck has a default black grip tape with the BajaBoard logo in the center.

    If you want to spruce things up, you can pick other colors beyond our standard stock. And you can also design your own grip tape.  If you want to go the extra length, you can even request for mechanical parts to be made in a different color.

    If you are looking to customize, please contact us at to discuss your ideas.